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5 Things Widowhood Taught Me

I don't know all the answers about this widow's journey, but I know YOU WILL MAKE IT.

Here are five things I learned, and I hope you will too.

  1. I can do hard things, but I don't have to.

  2. I wanted a husband, but I don't need one.

  3. You can grieve and still be happy.

  4. You cannot run from grief.

  5. Being vulnerable is strength.

Grief has no timeline, and you can grieve on your terms. I am sure I will learn much more as I continue this journey. Give yourself grace as you navigate this unfamiliar space.

What has widowhood taught you?

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1 Comment

Sep 23, 2023

Widowhood has taught me the following: brain fog is real, do not take on things you don’t want to do, hugging can be a trigger, feeling conflicted is a constant for quite a while, tap into creativity, I’m different and that’s okay, exercise is therapeutic, I walked miles and miles the first 2 years, my four walls took on a whole new feeling especially my bedroom- I learned to create a new cozy space to lay my head. I’m so glad to have found you, I enjoy your podcast.

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