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And Just Like That...

I decided to FINALLY watch the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That. When the series was released in December, my friends made sure to tell me NOT to watch it. December was already a tough month for me with the anniversary of Moe's death and Christmas. I didn't need to be triggered by the death of Big.

The series opens with the acknowledgement of the loss of Samantha as a friend which definitely something to grieve. Then, Carrie attends Lily's recital while Big on his peloton bike and suffers a heart attack. This is when things start to get weird for me. My husband had a heart attack in the bathroom. Carrie walks in while Big is still alive and hugs him instead of dialing 911 and he dies in her arms. OHHHHHHKAYYY. I immediately think about my situation with my husband and the panic, which I am still working through in therapy.

Carrie instantly becomes a widow, like most of us have. The widow brain is real. So many similarities down to the manolos.

What did you think?

On to episode 2...

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